October 31, 2011


So this happened a few years ago but since it's Halloween I'm going for a festive post. (True story though...)
We were renting a house that lived near a beach. Since it was a quite popular place, all the houses on the road were three properties deep on the beach side of the street. (Meaning three houses shared each driveway.) We were living in a 'middle' house at the time. On Halloween evening, the 'front' houses (that were next to the road) were the only houses that got trick-or-treaters. So that evening, as a result, we decided to go down to the beach as the sun was going down. That we could see, we were the only ones on the beach and we sat down on the sand dune. It seemed like it could be any fine evening, not just October 31st.
A few minutes later, a dog that was dressed up as Superman (Superdog?) appeared on the sand and sat down beside us. We've never seen this dog before and we had no sign of an owner. He just looked out to sea as we did, giving us a reminder that it still was Halloween out there.


  1. Brian..

    I really like your Superdog illustration. Looks kind of cool in those colours.

    I believe Supman's dog was named "Krypto" in the original comic series.

  2. I knew that; I've read quite a few comic books. There's a link in my post to the Wikipedia page for Krypto. It also says there that he was modelled after a Labrador Retriever so that's how I tried to make him look. The actual 'Superdog' that was chilling with us on the beach had more fur. A Golden Retriever maybe?