January 16, 2012

Grocery show opening

So my friend said that he was attending an art show opening. It reminded me of this guy I saw while grocery shopping a few days ago.
While following the tidal stream of shopper traffic up and down the aisles, there was a stationary object that the carts and bodies had to flow around. It was another shopper looking at a wall of products. What made him unusual was that he was the only one not moving, he didn't have a cart or basket and wasn't holding anything to buy. He wasn't even surveying the nutritional value of the competing brands. He really just seemed to be viewing the whole side of the aisle's shelves at once... as if he was viewing a large painting in an art gallery.
It occurred to me that he might have some kind of handicap (or maybe just taking a break from a really horrible wife) but still, the whole situation seemed very Warholian to me.

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  1. LOL..

    I was just thinking.. my brother designs shelving displays, kiosks, display stands etc and the company he works for builds them. Eg. Freestanding lighting displays. When he goes shopping, I am sure he does this for a few minutes to admire how the stand looks.

    Being in the Automated Banking Machine business for the last 20 years, I often get caught admiring a new feature and taking a note or two.