February 08, 2012

Sports bar etiquette

So I watched the Super Bowl at a sports bar. This four-hour event was a close game with a last minute touchdown even. Near the end of the game, there was one guy who simply wasn't prepared for a four-hour binge and was pretty out of it. He started getting glasses of water which is totally fine since, in retrospect, we were happy that he was just keeping it all down.
In the final two minutes of the game, he was looking for a place to sit and there was an empty stool right at the front. He sat down with what could have been his third glass and was facing away from the screen. With such a tight final quarter, all eyes were on the game but  everyone seemed distracted by this guy who wasn't watching the game but seemed to be just watching us! In his defence, he had no idea what he was doing and probably couldn't really see anyone anyway. Still, even though there are no written rules about this type of thing, what he was doing is surely bad etiquette. It should be required that if he was to sit there, he must be required to at least pretend to watch the game!
(My rough artwork for this one is available to see on my other blog!)

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