October 31, 2013

Coffee, Tea or Me?

So I heard this story the other day. Apparently, there's this cafe in the city that I live in that has this secret code to hook-up single people. When I first heard about it, I was skeptical. However, I heard about it from someone who was told by some other friends so there is at least some solid legitimacy there.
The story is that there is a cafe here where single people looking for a date (or hook-ups, etc) go for coffee or lunches. What I heard was that a single person sits down and orders at a table or a booth by themselves. Now the secret code for availability is that a potential date would pull out a water bottle. By water bottle, I just mean a regular bottle of drinking water. It could be any brand bottled by a multinational soft drink company, some French Evian or maybe even an Italian San Pelligrino. Now if you were at this cafe to get acquainted, I could imagine that your choice could say something about you since they really have nothing else to base judgement other than appearance.
To me, this is nearly unbelievable. To go into some place and order a drink, such as a tea or coffee, but still bringing your own water, presumably bought somewhere else, seems rude to the owners of the restaurant. According to the legend though, the bottle of water is placed at the edge of the table to indicate potential involvement so it's the most important part of the deal.
I have a million questions about this. Is this true? (I haven't actually ever been there.) Do the owners of the cafe know? (They must have noticed everyone bringing in their own drinks, yet ordering new ones.) How does something like this start? (How are other people supposed to know?) Surely, internet dating is more effective. (But I'm married and have no idea. ... Thinking about it now though, if I was, I'm not convinced that this is a very good matchmaking system. Initially, the only thing that you have in common is that you both drink water.)

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