January 12, 2015

Product Avalanche

So I was actually there when it happened. It was probably one of best things that I have ever witnessed.
While I was grocery shopping, I pushed my cart around the end of the aisle. At the opposite end another shopper was rounding that far corner at the same time... but he just clipped the edge. The very tall display of stacked products gave way and stacks fissured off the sides. They built momentum and chain-reacted other boxes until it was a full product avalanche. The shopper responsible briefly looked me in the eye but didn't really have a chance. The enormous wave of new squeezable bottles and single-serving-sized packages engulfed him.
When it was all over he was nearly waist deep, struggling to free himself. Emergency crews of clerks and shelf stockers were despatched. A new mountain ridge was formed that day, starting from the end of aisle 3 to self-scan checkout. I imagined rescue dogs searching for survivors.

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