September 11, 2011

Famous people

So I recently had the opportunity to meet someone reasonably famous. I'm not saying who this person was since that would maybe take away from what I'm trying to describe. I can say that the individual is very knowledgeable on particular subjects and there was a presentation followed by a question-and-answer session. The person's time is very in demand so the visit's duration was quite limited before their next arranged appointment or meeting. So a very brief window was available for people to ask some real questions and get some solid real answers.
Now what I noticed was that only a handful of people got to ask questions since everyone used a good portion of their period of time to say how much of a fan they were. Although I can see this as a form of showing respect, a lot of people just started celebrity worshipping.  The others in the audience, and myself, were hoping for an informative discussion but half of it was pretty much hearing stories about how everyone loved this person. Even the celebrity guest was fighting the eye-rolling urge and seemed a little bit uncomfortable.
Regardless of how many people know a particular person, in the end this is just another human and why do people do that?

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