September 19, 2011

Quiet city

So have you ever been in a usually populated place where it seemed that you were the only one there? While walking my dog there was a period of about ten minutes where there was no wind, visible people or any noise. Usually a reasonably busy part of the area where I live, all and any industrial noise was missing, no vehicles of any kind were moving, and looking around, I couldn't see another person. In fairness, it was about to rain but the quietness of the setting gave me the feeling like it was just me left on Earth. Should prepare for zombies tonight?


  1. Hmm.. a few weeks ago we had the Vancouver Annual Zombie Walk from the Vancouver Art Gallery to Denman and Beach. Some scary folk, probably 2000 participants. I was out without my sketching kit otherwise I would have sketched and posted.

    There was a couple getting married at Denman and Davie with the whole white bride and extended family participating. They were doing the ceremony beside the Laughing Statues... I think the family was horrified as a couple of hundred Zombies jerked past and climbed over the statues and ceremonial area.

    Anyway, maybe New Plymouth needs to start an annual Zombie walk.


  2. I know people who have done the Vancouver Zombie walk in the past. It getting quite popular now. Down here we have an annual Multi-Ethic Day and a parade which culminates with an event with awesome food stalls.

  3. I think I like yours better.. sounds like a chance to experience some new and interesting cuisine. Yum.