September 26, 2011

Hotdog champ

So I've noticed that I've always been a pretty good eater. I also don't usually shy away from a friendly round of competitive eating. By saying this, I don't mean those contests where you have to eat berry pies with hands behind your back or something really body-punishing as several blocks of butter in a few minutes. I was thinking more along the lines of maybe at a pizza buffet with some friends and finding out who can eat the most slices. I've actually won that more than once. I've also had some pretty good success with hotdogs.
That probably started as a little kid when our school had 'hotdog days'. Our school didn't have a place where you could buy a lunch. The staff and parents organised these days every few months as a fundraiser and for something different than sandwiches. One year, my mom volunteered to compile the orders from the kids and make larger orders for the food and drinks from some suppliers. I would always look at the class lists on our kitchen table and compare how much everyone was ordering and order one more of everything for myself. For example, if, say, Bob was having 2 dogs and a doughnut, I would order three dogs and two doughnuts. I don't know why I wanted to and I didn't mention it to any of the other students in fear that they'd want to 'outbid me'. This habit did come in handy several years later in university when I was in classes with a bunch of competitive eaters.
These days, I'm in semiretirement from the sport but I still don't believe in leftover pizza. There's no such thing.

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