January 17, 2011

Air guitar crosswalk

So I was waiting to turn at a red light. Since I was in the lane nearest the curb, I could see forward down the sidewalk a fair amount and noticed a pedestrian walking towards me. He seemed to be grooving to some sounds coming from some rather large headphones. Of course that's when I noticed that he was actually grasping some invisible drumsticks and was playing a set of air drums. While I said that he was just grooving, I'm going to have to take that part back. He was really going for it. And it was slowly evolving into an air guitar solo. By the time he got to the crosswalk, he was the Axe-Man, ripping into his invisible guitar. Being that animated and alive in his own virtual concert, he pushed the walked signal and it changed right away. Somehow I just knew it would. It also seemed that pushing that button rotated band members too. He walked strutted across the road as the lead vocalist, complete with several textbook roll and roll poses (including 'the Point').
I heard the people in the car next to me laughing but I pretty much sat there in quiet amazement. In our society, why is it not okay to really (and I mean REALLY) enjoy music? I'll admit it was a little unusual and I hope that a car wasn't going to hit him later since he was hardly paying attention to traffic. Still, the fact that I am entirely unmusical prevents me from ever singing, especially in public. Backing up my insecurities and lack of talent with pretend instruments would be way out of the question... yet for this guy, it's totally okay. I think the world needs more people that aren't afraid to enjoy their lives in the way that they want to.

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