January 09, 2011

Such a wonderful morning

So I was out walking my dog and rounding a bend on a park path, I came across a man who also had a dog. Since his dog was much smaller, I was paying attention to my dog and being careful that he wouldn’t be squashed (or eaten).  I said, “Hello”, and heard him say, “Isn’t this such a wonderful morning?” Weather-wise, it WAS a perfect no-wind, lots-of-sun-but-not-too-hot, how-could-you-ask-for-more type of day. Both of our dogs start acting up and it gets a bit chaotic. I have control of mine and he's got his, but I’m using two hands and we start to keep walking away in the directions that we were going into. Just as we pass, I look up and recognise him as the older bald man who I’ve seen living just around the corner. Except today, here he is with actually a bit of a head wound. If I was guessing as to what happened, it seemed that probably had fragile old-man’s-skin and walked into a branch or something. It looked like it might have happened minutes before as it had time to start dripping to the side and front of his head. I decide to say nothing about it and walk on. He’s not walking home, has made no visible attempt to stop the bleeding and the tone in his voice seemed to indicate that he was unaware that it had even happened. Why ruin such a wonderful morning?

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