January 08, 2011

Music Tastes?

So there’s this older guy that I pass on the walkway when I go to work in the mornings. I see him reasonably regularly. He seems to be walking for exercise - faster than normal pace but not quite hardcore racewalking speed. Everyday he seems to be totally not enjoying being out there and perhaps a bit grumpy.
Lately, I noticed that he has been wearing those bud headphones like the ones that come with an iPod. Hey, for all I know they could actually be plugged INTO an iPod. I try to imagine what kind of music that he would listen to. I just can’t and really have no idea. While I’m certainly no expert on whether any piece of music is good or bad, does this guy even ENJOY any music?
So I’m left to wonder... classical? a really sad opera? or (my gut-feeling that it’s) just talk radio? It’s entirely possible that when not walking he’s a pretty fun guy and that his music tastes are quite of good and modern taste.
But I’ll probably never know and it’s something that I’ll continue to reflect on.

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