January 08, 2011

Made a guy feel awkward

So I walked to work this morning (since my bike’s in the shop). Upon passing a non-descript 2-floor trademan-type premises, I was looking at these circles painted on a wall. As my eye went up to the second floor I noticed someone looking at me out of the window. From my perspective he was just a head in a window. Although he seemed to be some ‘get to work early for a coffee’ type of guy, he was just staring at everyone going by. Our eyes met and I gave him ‘the man nod’. Noticing me notice him made him flinch slightly. I got the impression that he was fighting the urge to duck and hide. Instead, with a stone-scared, deer-in-the-headlights expression, he tilted his head and seemed to fall over backwards, just really slow. It was like getting shot in the head except at about one quarter speed, and no blood, exiting the frame.

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