January 23, 2011

Well, howdy stranger!

So I was walking around the downtown shops at lunch. As I was looking in the windows, I was finishing one of the best doughnuts that I'd had in some time. I was admiring how much icing this last bite had when I heard a woman enthusiastically say (quite loudly I might add), "Well, howdy stranger!" I looked up. A vividly dressed woman was looking in my direction, had her arms open wide and was coming in for a big bear hug.
I decided to put this situation on pause. I only had a split-second to think. Who was this person? She seems to know me but I have no idea. This is what telephones were like before caller display was invented. I'm usually pretty good with remembering faces but I'm running out of time here. I have a brain hard drive failure... I'm going to have to press play again on this situation and just fake it. Maybe I can ask how things are going and hope that something is said that gives me a clue who this person is before I give my blankness away.
Time starts moving again. I've given up and can't recall anything. She's not familiar at all. Oh please make this be a short bear hug. Here she comes!
Somehow she misses. There was another woman right behind me all along. The actual target of the aggressive greeting. A feeling of entire relief overcomes me. I dodged the bear hug bullet and avoided the quiz show of missing identity. Confusion, Mystery, Fear... all gone. I still have some doughnut left though.

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